Sunday, 21 August 2016

My week in photos (225)

  Well howdy! Cine a racit DIN NOU? Pentru a cata oara? A, a? Habar nu am insa I`ve had it with the fucking colds!!! I better not catch a cold this winter, man! :)))) 
   Aaanyway, au trecut repejor zilele acestea (abia ieri am iesit prima oara din casa! Jeez!) dar nu am vrut sa inceapa alta saptamana fara sa postez. So, here you go, last week`s photos :)

   Luni / Monday 

   Ro: Nu am facut poze.

   En: I didn`t take photos.

   Marti / Tuesday (2)

   Ro: Pe coaja de nuca de cocos :P

   En: On the coconut shell :P

   Ro: Pizza!

   En: Pizza!

   Miercuri / Wednesday (3)

   Ro: Dis de dimineata.

   En: Early in the morning.

   Ro: Yay! Am reusit! :)

   E: Yay! I did it! :)

   Ro: Am schimbat tinuta. Fac asta in unele zile.

   En: Changed the outfit. I do that some days.

   Joi / Thursday

   Ro: Am facut aceasta poza pentru o prietena.

   En: Took this photo for a friend.

   Vineri / Friday 

   Ro: Cred ca v-am mai aratat painea aceasta cu cartofi si ceapa de la Lidl. Asa m-am bucurat ca am mai gasit.

   En: I think I showed you before this potato and onions bread from Lidl. I was so happy that I was able to find one.

   Sambata / Saturday (2)

   Ro: Musamaua Anei.

   En: Ana`s table mat.

   Ro: E asa de dulce cand sta asa! :)

   En: She is so sweet when she sits like this! :)

   Duminica / Sunday (7)

   Ro: Parcul IOR.

   En: IOR Park.

   Ro: Tinuta mea.

   En: My outfit.

   Ro: Sa asculti muzica buna stand pe iarba...Perfectiune!

   En: Listening to good music while sitting on the grass... Perfection!

   Ro: Ardei grasi in otet, facuti de mama. Yum!

   En: Peppers in vinegar, made by my moher. Yum!

   Sa aveti o duminica de vis! Va pupacesc!

   Pe curand...